MEDA101 Project #3

For the third project for MEDA101 I decided to take a more simplistic approach and explore how a music piece can make a space feel a certain way, when it more or less is completely unrelated to the space. The music piece I used is Mia’s piece ‘Beyond’. For me the sound conjured feelings of […]

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DA Review: Marvel’s ‘Deadpool’

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Deadpool’, you’ll know that it’s not exactly similar to many other superhero movies out there today. This X-Men spin-off delivered a crude, violent, yet hilarious anti-hero movie to the public. The star of the show  is Wade Wilson, a former mercenary who now roams the streets doing the dirty work for […]

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Who Are You?

Our social media accounts are supposed to represent ourselves right? So how come they don’t? Well for starters, a social media platform cannot accurately represent every tiny, little thing that makes us who we are. It’s totally impossible. So, our social media accounts only represent SOME of what we are as people. These parts of […]

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Digital Crafting?

Traditionally, crafting has been seen as an activity that women enjoy. Or as put by this article: “…A whole host of activities associated with skillful attempts at making useful things with your hands.” But is that what it encompasses now? Within the age of technology comes a new type of crafting where being skillful with […]

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